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Computer-aided Segmentation of Retinal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography Images

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This is the main page of project Caserel, an open-source software suite for computer-aided segmentation of retinal layers in optical coherence tomography (OCT) images written in Matlab.

Currently, the software supports segmentation of 6 retinal layers by automatically delineating 7 boundaries (ILM, NFL/GCL, IPL/INL, INL/OPL, OPL/ONL, IS/OS,RPE) from OCT images. An image browser/editor is provided for manual and semi-automated correction of the segmented retinal boundaries. For a quick demonstration, please run script 'getRetinalLayersExample.m'.

Example Results

An example image demonstrating the segmentation results by Caserel. Above video illustrates the segmentation results by Caserel.


Please note that this project is "work-in-progress", meaning many features still needs to be implemented, e.g. detection of macula and vessels . In addition, the accuracy of the automated segmentation is not completely evaluated, so if you are to use the resulting segmentation for quantification of retinal layer thickness, I recommend carefully reviewing the segmentation results using either the provided GUI or other image segmentation tools.

edit:21Apr2017 - This project is no longer actively maintained.

Citing Caserel

The references you will need to cite if you do use Caserel are:

How to pronounce Caserel?

Say it like casserole. The name is derived from Computer-Aided SEgmentation of REtinal Layers in OCT images.


This project is under GPL v2, "a copyleft license that requires anyone who distributes code or a derivative work to make the source available under the same terms." For full details, see the LICENSE file provided in the project folder.


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